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  • Splendid Hotel Dubrovnik
  • Hotel Aquarius Dubrovnik
  • Hotel Perla Dubrovnik
  • Vis Hotel Dubrovnik
  • Sipan Hotel Dubrovnik
  • Komodor Hotel Dubrovnik
  • Ivka Hotel Dubrovnik
  • Hotel Kompas Dubrovinik
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  • Hotel Uvala Dubrovnik
  • Hotel Lapad Dubrovnik
  • President Hotel Dubrovnik
  • Boutique Hotel Villa Wolff Dubrovnik
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  • The Pucic Palace Hotel Dubrovnik
  • Bellevue Hotel Dubrovnik
  • Rixos Hotel Libertas Dubrovnik
  • Dubrovnik Palace Hotel
  • Excelsior Hotel Dubrovnik
  • Grand Villa Argentina Dubrovnik
  • Hilton Imperial Hotel Dubrovnik
  • Kazbek Hotel Dubrovnik
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The price of Dubrovnik hotels is pretty standard across the board, however takes a meteoric leap during the peak season.  In the months of July, August and September, be prepared to pay considerably more per night for a double room.  The price and availability varies tremendously depending on the standard of accommodation you require, but all told this is one of the more expensive European destinations.

Of course, plenty of you will be working on a tight budget, (especially in the current financial climate) and can only dream of five star hotels and beachside apartments.  However, if you are looking for something a little bit special, then look no further that the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace.  This luxurious Croatian retreat stands out in the vast shopping cart that is Dubrovnik Hotels.  Hidden in the enclosure of verdant hills and pine forests, the palace has a remarkable collection of facilities, the centre piece arguably its beachside pool, which appears as if it is a tributary of the Adriatic sea.  Not cheap by any means, this stay really is for those who are after the trip of a lifetime.

The best place to locate any of these Dubrovnik hotels is online.  Not only can you find the cheapest deals and compare prices between travel companies, but also through our search box, you can limit your search to the exact dates in which you would like to travel, quality of accommodation and number of guests.


Dubrovnik is the gorgeous European city situated in the deep south of Croatia.  Nicknamed the ĎPearl of the Adriaticí, due to its stunning location and wonderful beaches, the city is famous for its unique architecture and layout.  A popular destination with tourists, there are of plenty of Dubrovnik hotels ready to house those travelling abroad this summer.

Dubrovnik has revelled since the break up of Yugoslavia, claiming true independence and freedom from any ruling authority.  Itís prime location and luxurious port has made it a prime asset of many in the past and it has historically been somewhat of an occupied force.  The early part of previous century saw Dubrovnik governed by the Austrians and Hungarians, until the fall of both during the Second World War.  It was then unceremoniously passed to the united countries that would eventually form Yugoslavia.  Under this strict fascist regime the opportunities Dubrovnik held to cater for tourists and visitors were restricted, and it was only in the early 90ís that the city broke free of these shackles.

In 1991, both Croatia and Slovenia declared independence in attempt to escape Yugoslavia and return to their original states.  However, the jewel in the crown of the Adriatic, Dubrovnik was again the source of conflict.  Yugoslav leader Slobodan Milosevic was not prepared to let this prize asset go without a fight and initiated a barrage of attacks on the city, on the reasoning that it once belonged to Serbia and Montenegro.  To this day, you can see the effects of this tirade, which adds to the atmospheric quality of the place.  Heart-warmingly the town was restored to the exact state it has been before the bombings, not allowing for any modern enhancements.

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Dubrovnik really is the full package when it comes to holidays abroad.  Whether you are seeking time spent on luxurious beaches, a lively nightlife, stunning landscapes or a cultural enlightening, Dubrovnik covers all bases.  Itís location at the extreme south of Croatia means that it is blessed with one of the warmest Mediterranean climates around, which is coupled with a selection of stunning sandy beaches and waters so clear that you could apply your make up in the reflection.

Dubrovnikís tortured history has also made it a fascinating place of visit to those tuned in with the events of the past few decades.  Indentations of bullets and shrapnel can still be seen in the walls of many buildings, and shrines and memorials are rich in a city that has been unfortunately popular with enemy attacks.  It is also home to the Dubrovnik Summer festival during the months of July and August, which is one of the most unique social gatherings in Western Europe.  Lasting for just over a month, the acts signed literally have to perform daily for this entire period, entertaining locals and tourists alike for the best part of 40 days.  Understandably fatigued, the guests are rewarded for their commitment by being handed the key to the city, a worthy prize considering their location.

Dubrovnik is blessed with a typical Mediterranean climate that reaches its warmest in the months between July and September.  Needless to say, this is when the season reaches its peak and the interest in the city is at its height.  Although beautiful all year round, Dubrovnik is best visited during this period, which is reflected in the steep upturn in price.



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